Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Five Things I Love // Vol. 2

The last volume of this was in October so it seemed the perfect time to share a few favorite's lately. Noticing the small things should be a part of everyone's day, I highly recommend documenting it in a journal or on the notes app in your phone. Would love to hear yours!

1. Dry Shampoo. Why did I wait so long try this? I don't know but I picked up a bottle from Target last week (this one to be exact) and after a little workout one morning I needed to run out the door for errands, so I decided to try it. It's going to be my favorite new accessory for my hair friends. Truly.

2. Cookbooks aren't that complicated. I have a fear of forgetting ingredients, something not turning out like the picture, etc. Hence the reason why I have used Pinterest and recipes from memory over the years. I finally realized my new best friend in the kitchen is mise en place which is prepping all the food and items needed before cooking, why I never did it before? No idea. I would usually just grab what I needed next. Now? I bought two cookbooks (this one and this) and am loving the recipes.

3. Podcasts while cooking or folding laundry. They keep me entertained and truly make the time pass quickly. You can check out a few of my favorites in this post.

4. I cut my hair last week. It might not seem like much but I have had pretty long hair for many years. Finally decided I wanted to try a completely new hairstyle and now I can't believe I waited this long! I have been pinning fun hairstyles to try with the shortish hair.

5. A walk outside every day, even in cold temperatures has proven to be refreshing. Anne from Modern Mrs Darcy couldn't have said it better. Get outside friends, bundle up and take a walk! The outdoor sun and air can truly do wonders.

embracing small things,


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Becoming a Doula

I have always been a nurturer since I was little. Whether it be my twin baby dolls who were carefully bottle fed and diapered many times or as I always seemed to hover and care for all three of my brothers even though one was older than me.

It grew even more after watching Dr. Quinn as a teenager and secretly writing in my journal to one day name a little girl Michaela, because I loved the strong, free woman she portrayed. Once married I was already feeling the itch to become a mom and knew I would always be a young mom.

After our first pregnancy ended in miscarriage and the poor experience we had with the doctor office we decided to search out a midwife and just go for a consultation. The first time we went to her office it was in her basement and it was warm, cozy and welcoming. So different than the doctor office previously visited. We were instantly taken once meeting Peggy. She was sweet, kind, soft spoken but strong on what she believed in.

I have always been drawn to pregnancy and birth, hence the reason I worked at a doctor office and OB/GYN as a teenager. I couldn't get enough of the medical terminology, growing bellies and the amazing and beautiful experience each woman has with each birth.

After two successful births at home and at my midwife's birth center I secretly began looking up midwife training and then came upon a doula. I kept reading more and more about it and all the papers, posts, books, etc were what I couldn't keep my hands off.

Now that the boys are at an age where it is easier for Josh to work from home if need be while watching them I have decided to plunge into doula training! I have started the eagerly exciting process of becoming a certified doula through DONA. I am attending a doula training workshop in a few short weeks and can't wait! It's been a true passion of mine for so long and it's so exhilarating to see it more clearly now.

So in the months to come you might see little updates and posts about what I'm learning and up to with becoming a doula! I can't wait to meet all of the women I cross paths with and that He puts in my path. It will truly be an experience I will cherish for years.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Captive Movie Review

Want to grab a date night in with your man this weekend? Go pick up a copy of Captive. I am so excited to see Christian based movies coming to the main screen and setting such a powerful example.

Captivebased on a miraculous true story that drew the attention of the entire nation, is the dramatic, thrilling, and spiritual journey of Ashley Smith and Brian Nichols. After being taken hostage by Brian in her own apartment, Ashley turns to Rick Warren's inspirational book, The Purpose Driven Life, for guidance. In reading from the book, Ashley not only finds purpose in her own life, but helps Brian find a more peaceful resolution to a harrowing situation.

The main actor and actress are phenomenal is this movie and I highly recommend! Check out the trailer below. Would love to hear if you have seen it also. 

Many thanks to Propeller Consulting for providing a copy for me to review.