Monday, March 2, 2015

My Favorite Cleaning Supplies + an Exclusive Offer!

I love subscription services. I have my Netflix, Amazon, secondhand clothing, online magazines, you name it- all at the tip of my fingers and without leaving the comfort of my home. It makes it easier sometimes to just pop on Amazon and order a book I really want to read and receive it a few days later in the mail.

I love shopping in stores and browsing bookstores but let's face it- sometimes that one less trip is a headache gone and a nice click away. That's why I absolutely LOVE ordering my household cleaning supplies online now.

Plus this saves me the $70+ I would normally drop while shopping at Target for my cleaning supplies along with a few other items that find their way to my cart.

ePantry is one my favorite new eco-friendly subscription services. ePantry truly alleviates the stress of running out of certain cleaning or household supplies by sending them right to your door and when you need them!

I love their one feature where you can plan months ahead of time, a life saver. Plus they have all my favorite earth-friendly products like: Method, Mrs. Meyers, Yes to Carrots, Tom's, Seventh Generation and more.

I collaborated with ePantry to offer an exclusive promotion for you- my readers, for this week only! You will get a FREE Mrs. Meyer's hand soap, a $10 credit and free shipping on your first order!

I tried out the service myself this past month and ordered:

Cellulose Sponges (eco-friendly, dishwasher safe and perfect for scrubbing counters, dishes and pans).

Mrs. Meyer's Dish soap + multi-surface cleaner (I love the variety of smells they have and how safe they are for my boys to use them to help clean up the table and bathroom).

Method Laundry Detergent (I am sensitive to certain cleaners and this one is a game changer. Not high in perfume smells and leaves the clothes clean and soft). 

I highly recommend the service and especially this week because of the great deal they have. 

How ePantry works: 

1. Sign up for an account with this link. The limited time offer is only available now through March 6th!

2. Answer a few simple questions about your home (takes less than 4 minutes). They use this to suggest products for future shipments. 

3. Customize your basket! My favorite part, You can remove the products currently in there and add what YOU want. 

4. To get the free hand soap and $10 credit you have to have $20 minimum in your cart. This minimum is for first time orders only. 

5. Lastly, check out! Once your basket is set, finish and pay. Your free hand soap and $10 credit will already be included. 

Here's an example basket: 
Method Dish Soap $3.89 
Method Dish Soap Refill $4.99
Method Daily Shower Spray $4.07
Mrs. Meyer's Toilet Cleaner $4.99
Mrs. Meyer's Tub and Tile Cleaner $4.15
Mrs. Meyer's Multi-Surface Cleaner $3.69
Cellulose Pop Up Sponges $2.99
ePantry Soy Candle $9.95

With a $10 Grateful with Two credit the total for this basket is $28.72 ($67+ value!) That's only $3.19/product + free shipping. 

If you're on a budget this is a great time to stock up on and buy high quality cleaning products for a discount. If you want to splurge a little this week add a candle- you will love it (trust me). 

Any questions at all, use ePantry's live chat feature. They are quick to respond and truly have amazing service. They have also given $2 credit to customers in the past for chatting with them about their favorite soap or by even telling them a joke or checking out their FAQ page. Just ask them! 

One of my favorite's about this company is you will receive an email 7 days before your order is shipped out. I have our current future months set up around our paycheck days and you can do that too! ePantry is super flexible and you can choose what you want, when you want it. 

Refer family and friends and get $10 off! Plus every person you refer will get $10 credit on their first order! You will also receive $10 credit for each person who checks out! Win-win. 

What interests you the most about ordering all-natural products online? 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Things I Learned in February

Decided to link up again this month with Emily on things I learned this past month.

Things I learned in February:

1. Grey's Anatomy can still make you cry. For real.

2. I really am enjoying to cook more now, being brave in the kitchen and experimenting with recipes. Trying a recipe from this cookbook next week. Tilapia in caper-tomato sauce. Now to go google capers.

3. Going to bed at 11 and waking up at 6:30 is becoming a habit I really enjoy and get excited about.

4. Frozen pipes can actually be a thing. Our kitchen pipes froze for about half a day. We put a blow dryer on them for almost two hours and viola- cured!

5. When I'm sick I have to have a box of tissues, water bottle and book close by- even if I don't end up using any of them.

6. Painting my nails a few nights a week is really relaxing and is a perfect self care tip for any mom.

7. I have to go driving in the snow. Even if I don't need anything. I love driving slowly around our little town while snow falls.

8. I learned about my oldest son's love language and it caught me by surprise.

9. Coconut oil can be used for many things.

10. All progress, growth and change starts with one risky first step. You are never too old to step out of your comfort zone into faith. @christinecaine

What did you learn in February?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Six Tips for Moms of a Strong Willed Child

I was ready to be a mom when I was pregnant with Ben. I loved babysitting as a teenager, I read books on motherhood and parenting and knew in my innocent, naive mind that it would be easy- a breeze in fact. Well, when our little lion came roaring out of the womb I couldn't have been proved more wrong than right then.

Ben came with a strong will, some good lungs and one who began talking before he was one. I love his personality so much because in him I see a fire for adventure, sparks for leading and embers of coated sweetness wrapped carefully around it all.

He turned five a few months ago and can I tell you if you are a parent of a strong willed child- it DOES get easier. Honest, I never thought it would. I thought maybe I was parenting wrong, not disciplining enough or disciplining too much. I thought we would never get a handle on his spirit but then I also was afraid of crushing it and changing it completely.

I would lay awake at night talking to God and wondering what can I do differently? how can I touch his spirit and keep that strong will? I would call my husband countless times a day almost in tears because Ben refused to clean up a mess or he would say something hurtful or he just would ignore me.

But I can honestly say the pay off of the last five years is more than I could of imagined. I am seeing the fruit of our labors of long hard days and nights- praying, searching and blindly parenting at some points.

The same child who would launch out of the shopping cart and fall on his head for a toy is the same one who rubs his daddy's back in the morning asking how he slept.

The same child who screamed for 40+ minutes in his room because he didn't want to go to sleep is the same one who craves his bedtime and his snuggly blanket and bear.

He's five now. He's kind, cuddly, ticklish, loud, strong and a perfect blend of sweet and tough. I wanted to give some encouragement to you- the parent of a strong willed child.

Stand by your word. Don't give in sweet friend. Just know you are doing great. Consistency is key with a strong will and standing by your word is hard but it's a must.

Keep a rhythm. This is huge. Keep a consistent rhythm for your little one. A rhythm of bedtime, waking up, playtime. Ben always loved to know what was going to happen each day (and still does) so if you don't have a consistent day to day rhythm- sit down each day with a chart or piece of paper with little drawings of what will happen that day. Ben does this even today- he draws out each activity that will be happening that day and puts a check mark next to it when completed.

Pick one focus. It's hard to clean the whole home at exactly the same time right? We don't have more than two arms, although it would be nice sometimes! So pick one area of behavior, attitude, etc to focus on and make mini goals to accomplish each week. Set a goal to work on his kindness to others if he struggles with that and go from there.

Let them make choices- in moderation . I have read countless strong will child books that tell you to let the child have a choice for everything. So I tried that for awhile and guess what? It only made his strong will more aggressive! I think it is a great idea to give them choices (in moderation) and to teach them to make good decisions. Decision making is a great skill to begin teaching strong willed children at an early age.

Praise. Praise. Praise. Ok this one is simple. Praise them when they do good, accomplish something, finish a chore. They need it more than you think, they need to know that they are doing well.

Pray for (and with) them. You can't do this alone. Jesus understands more about this than anyone else. When you are feeling lost one day on what to do, put your hand on his/her head and pray. Pray for patience, pray for God to help you both to understand each other, pray for God to touch their heart.

If you ever have a day where you are doubting your role as a mom for this little strong will just know- God doesn't make mistakes. You were chosen. Chosen for this time, for this role with this child. Don't give up and stay the course sweet friend.