All About Christmas: Limited Edition

This is definitely on my list of favorite times of the year. I love bundling the boys up and driving around looking at lights, putting together our nativity and sending Christmas cards in the mail.

I decided to add a limited edition to the shop a few weeks ago and this is definitely at the top of my list of favorite patterns! They each have a unique style and simplicity to bring to each table. The plaid gives a rugged, laid back feel while the poinsettias are bright, colorful and definitely for entertaining!
If you grab two you can use the coupon code SENSIBLECLOTH for free shipping! Such a deal and perfect for entertaining this Christmas or even for gifts! 

I also have two sets of 6 available for this limited edition! Which makes entertaining easier if you are expecting a big crowd. :)

I adore running this little shop and sharing a little part of our journey of simple living with you! I hope you find these sensible cloth napkins has fun and appealing as I do! Over the past year my little guys have even loved having these at the table and pick out their favorite for each meal! :)

The Christmas Phrases pattern is perfect for the kids table this Holiday season!!

Plus who wouldn't want to receive a bright pink package in the mail? 

Besides making the cloth napkins I have to say my favorite part is putting together the packages! If you know of a friend or family member who would appreciate shopping small this year and adding some color to their table would you share the store link? 

Tag my FB page or IG and share about my shop and I will send you a 22% off coupon code!! 

Happy Thanksgiving friends, 


ESV Men's Devotional Bible: Review

If you're looking for a good Christmas gift for your husband or men in your life who would love an updated Bible. Grab this one! 

I recently grabbed an ESV Bible for myself also after hearing continuous praises about how understanding and also in depth this version can go, especially a devotional one. 
This Bible features:

365 devotions 
Ribbon marker 
Book introductions 
Lifetime guarantee on Trutone edition 

It's a hardback which makes it more durable and easy to shelf. The font is clear and easy to read. 

The jacket cover is also very masculine and gives it a sleek look also. You can grab a copy here. 

I received a copy to review from flyby promotions. 

When The Little Years Are Closing

Our home has been diaperless for over a year now! Yes, I agree all the cheers but could I say also I am sad to suddenly see the season of the little years disappeared before my eyes?

I thought it was yesterday I was heavily pregnant right before Christmas? I thought it was yesterday I was sitting in the car reading a book in front of our home while two little ones napped in their car seats?

The season switched as if overnight and now I have two little men. Making their own lunch (and wanting to do it), going to the bathroom without reminders, buckling themselves up in the car.

So friend, could I possibly say I sometimes miss the carrying and picking up these little boys, feedings at 2AM, putting them in a cute outfit and they don't take it off.

We're in a new season of parenthood where we are gently leading with our hands and not carrying.

I love it though, it has its special moments:

sneaking Ben out to watch football while Ian sleeps

game nights ending with laughter

Ben learning to read

Ian, our little helper in the kitchen 

I'm stretching and growing in different ways now as a mom. The stretching isn't happening like it did when I was pregnant. I'm stretching and growing as a homeschool mom now, teaching the fruits of the spirit in daily lessons, learning alongside them in our new home and making new friends.

These boys are still leaving huge prints on my heart. I love praying over them at night, I love watching their curiosity grow and pull them towards their passions.

So yes, that season might be closing now for the little years but next up is some building and pulling and releasing once again as I enter the next stage. Does this next stage have a name yet though?

ePantry Seasonal Scent Basket

It's one of my favorite seasons! Time to eat delicious food around the table, give thanks and share what we are each grateful for and celebrate.

Sometimes it's nice to not always remember all the preparation and cleaning that goes into getting the guest room ready and bathrooms cleaned and kitchen ready to cook and bake! That's why I especially appreciate ePantry during these next few months getting my personal and household products delivered right to my door! ePantry predicts what I will need the next month and then sends me a reminder email before my order ships so I can easily review and customize it. With all the to-do's for Thanksgiving and Christmas it's nice to check this off my list!

They also have SO many brands to choose from (and my favorite ones too!)- Method, Seventh Generation, Dr. Bronner's but I especially love Mrs. Meyer's limited edition seasonal scents, which are now available in Cranberry, Orange Clove and Iowa Pine. They can instantly make any room in your home feel festive.

With their exclusive offer you can experience the magic of Mrs. Meyer's seasonals for FREE! Talk about a gift you can afford to give yourself! Sign up for ePantry this week and receive a free Mrs. Meyer’s seasonal scent hand soap, dish soap, and $5 credit plus free shipping. This incredible offer is valid only while stock lasts! Choose from Cranberry, Orange Clove or Iowa Pine ­­or get festive and mix all three.

My favorite would have to be the Orange Clove! I also love the Cranberry hand soap. It's in my shipment for this month too.

ePantry and this two piece Mrs. Meyer’s Seasonal set (with $5 credit!) makes holiday cleaning something to look forward to! Ready to take advantage of the offer and learn why I love ePantry?

Read the simple steps below!!

How ePantry Works:

1. Sign up for ePantry through here.  ePantry is offering the lovely Mrs. Meyer’s 2 piece set free to my favorite readers who sign up through my referral link!

2. Answer a few quick questions about your family and how clean your home is (be honest)! This only takes about 30 seconds and customizes your first basket.

3. Once you’ve answered the questions, you can finalize the basket of products ePantry and I have tailored to your needs or you can create your own basket of awesome products by adding
or removing.

4. To receive this offer your order needs to total $20. Choose the combination of products and scents you want to receive in your first box for all your holiday cleaning needs.

5. You made it! Click finish & pay, place your order. You won’t know how you lived without ePantry in your life, seriously!

6. Want free shipping on your second order? Make sure you click the 60 day VIP Trial post-
checkout! So worth it!

7. Already hooked on ePantry? Existing customers click here to get a free seasonal hand soap in your next order.

Don’t forget this special offer is only available until November 19, 2015 or while stocks last.

October Books Periodical

I kept the books to a minimal this past month. Which is just the season we were in this last month with being out more with soccer, art classes and park days. I am really looking forward to the colder months for the extra reason to dig into a couple more books!

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
This is straight up a book to read if you feel called to create whether it be as a small business owner, writer, painter, musician, cook, etc. It is FOR YOU. Don't mistake the title to scare you away. Go grab it at your library and dig in. Make notes and be inspired to create even as a stay at home mom. Find your way, find IT.

See Me by Nicholas Sparks
I am always surprised how many different love story scenarios Nicholas Sparks can come up with. This has to be one of my favorites of his though. It is unique from any story he has told before and it has a little mystery and suspense in it too. Suddenly the closer you get to the end the pieces start to fall together and you might take the last 100+ pages in one sitting. Even with so many pages it felt like a good quick read for me.

The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian
I have always seen this book but never picked it up. So I grabbed it one day at the library and last week I ordered my own copy. It's a perfect template of prayers to pray over and for your husband. I highly recommend it for your prayer time each day.

I am currently digging into Valerie Woerner's first and latest book- The Finishing School. I can already tell this one will be sticking around within arm's reach for the rest of this year and most of next year. Which is what it's meant for too.

Image found here

Monday Inspiration for Moms

I started Monday Inspiration because Mondays should be celebrated and started with a little pep talk for the week ahead and not dismissed at 8AM as a doom day. So will you join me and share these inspirations with your friends?

This week: 

I recently am starting to share more of my weight loss journey. One of the hardest things to find time for is exercise it seems. When do you work out? Morning? Afternoon? Evening? You can read so many articles about this is the best time to work out. But you know when the best time is? When you actually do it and complete it. Period. 

So for this week I am going to set a certain time as my deadline. The time I need to be complete and finished exercising. I am setting mine for lunch time. You can set yours for before the kids get home from school, or before the baby wakes up from one of his naps or before your husband gets home from work. Set a time. Keep it. GO!

My workouts consist of a mix of walking either outside or with walk at home videos and holy yoga. It's been a nice mixture and I love it because I always see results in strength and flexibility with it. 

I aim for 4-5 workouts a week but set how many works for you. I would love to hear what kind of workout you follow and your favorite times to sneak in a workout are! 

Let's keep our bodies moving friends, it's so healthy and it has so many benefits! A boosted attitude, less anxiety, sleeping better and so much more. 

walking with you this week, 


Interview with a 6 year old

Ben turned six! He's really been shining this year in so many ways. You can catch a little bit of it on instagram. Since he was four we have done a little "interview" with him of 21 questions and it has been neat to see his answers each year. You can catch his four year old one here and five year old here. :) Enjoy friends!

What is your favorite color? black and blue

What is your favorite toy?  ninja turtle ( says he would like one for his birthday)

What is your favorite fruit? apples

What is your favorite tv show? wild kratts

What is your favorite thing to eat? peanut butter and jelly

What is your favorite shirt? green and yellow shirt with a plant on it

What is your favorite game?  chess

What is your favorite snack? pop tarts

What is your favorite animal? raccoon

What is your favorite song? turbo song (eye of a tiger)

What is your favorite book? hardy boys 

What is your favorite cereal? ice cream (with a smirk and a laugh)

What is your favorite drink? green juice 

What is your favorite holiday? 4th of July

Who is your best friend? Ian

What do you like to do outside? playing at the park

What do you like to take to bed with you? nothing

What do you want for dinner on your birthday? olive garden!

What do you want to be when you grow up? computers like dad

What color are your eyes? brown

What color is your hair?  brown

He has been really wanting to go to build a bear workshop so we took him for his birthday and then went out to eat for dinner at Olive Garden! A good day and he kept saying thank you which melts my heart. Once we put them to bed we went to check on them and found him cuddling with Leonardo :)

Tips for Eating when Losing Weight

So I have been on a long journey of losing weight, wanting to give up many times but never have. I have recently come to realize it isn't only a journey of losing weight but of keeping my body healthy and active and maintaining a habit of being both of these.

I have shared a little bit on the blog about battling a thyroid disorder. The struggle for losing weight without a thyroid is so much harder. After being encouraged repeatedly by friends and my husband to share more about this journey I finally feel ready to. I have about 17 more to go and they might be the toughest, most stubborn to move but I will do it!!

I wanted to give some tips today for eating when losing weight that have helped me tremendously and I hope they give you some encouragement too :)

Eye your food first. 
What's on your plate? Do you have a good balance of protein, fats and veggies?

Use smaller plates and bowls
I have found this to help so much. You always naturally want to fill your plate up to eat, so don't grab your big dinner plates.

Have a glass of water before you eat and one with your meal
This will help so much with how much you eat and also keep you hydrated!

Prep lunch for the week 
I have recently taken to having a basic lunch consisting of either a wrap or a salad. I keep it simple and many ingredients I use go for both so it makes prepping easier! Have your salad washed and ready, find something crunchy to add (I use pine nuts), dice up some tomatoes and cucumbers, grab your favorite cheese (I use feta cheese), and either top it with tuna, chicken or turkey and viola! You have a salad or roll it up in a low carb tortilla and you have a wrap.

Prep snacks for the week
Snacks are what they mean, something quick to grab and eat. So make it easier to grab something healthy! Stock your fridge with string cheese, carrots (with a little dressing), apples, cheese cut up (for cheese and crackers) and some nuts in the pantry to grab and go.

Reward yourself
If you can't give up sweets, break it down to two pieces of dark chocolate in the evening for dessert. Such a treat and will curb the sweet tooth! Grab some strawberries to eat with it too and you have a perfectly healthy dessert.

Those are the main tips that have helped me with eating while on the journey to lose weight, would love to hear your tips!!

Five Things I Love // Vol. 1

Taking a cue from Maggie Whitley to start noticing the small things I will be featuring a things I love post each month. If you haven't noticed with previous posts lately I am looking for those tiny moments, little pockets of sunshine and authenticity in each day. Would love to hear yours!

1. I am indulging in chocolate covered edamames from Trader Joe's lately. If you haven't grabbed yourself a packet do so on your next trip.

2. Putting books on hold at the library. It keeps me sane and our library time benefits so much more now. I pick up mine painlessly and spend the rest helping the boys pick out books.

3. Realizing after so many years I like a fully clean space on our table. Things could pile up in the bathroom counter of makeup, brushes, etc but our table needs to be free or I can't seem to concentrate. Weird? Maybe.

4. Are you on Periscope? I am but haven't "scoped" yet really. I love to follow some of my favorite people on there and lately the scopes I have caught are on point. Go grab the app and follow Jess Connolly, Life Lived Beautifully and Rach Kincaid. I can name so many more but these are my top three.

5. And to leave you with a quote I love lately-- "Quit letting fear call the shots. Get back to building the rocket ship that was supposed to be your life." 

embracing small things,


Beauty in the Small Things

It's been quiet here for awhile. I have been struggling with what to write, who to write to and why. Sometimes I feel I have so many positive messages to share and then other times the page stares blankly back at me, almost taunting.

But I'm laying all of that aside and I am truly getting back to writing from the heart, writing for me. If you are still here- awesome :)

I love this space and wish sometimes it was back to a few short years ago before Twitter, Instagram, etc. Where you would go to your favorite blogs and check in with them. See what's going on and what they were up to or have to encourage you with this week.

So why not take it back to that? I love Instagram and the community that has formed over there but I miss the long posts (or even short posts) with pictures scattered about. Pictures that were slightly blurry or ones that showed beauty in the small things.

Just like this fall I made a before i blink and miss it post. I'm ready for those moments. Not as many "how to's" or anything. But just straight up talk or encouragement. Getting loud about the real things and nosy about the authentic motherhood that this space was made for.

Because let's face it- authentic motherhood is a real thing and we need to see more of it. So I hope you're ready to dig in with me and see this more.

I was hesitant about how to word it but then after much prayer and pondering the truth is the best way to say it. :)

It's going to look different here but in a good way.