Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Greetings and Goals

Welcome to Choosing Gratitude! You may wonder why I chose that Blog name. Choosing gratitude is one of my daily goals- I may not succeed each time but I purpose in my heart to find gratefulness in each day. Whether it is a totally organized calm day or a random crazy day. 

I am a stay at home mom of a 2 year old - Benjamin Conner. He is a crazy, strong-willed toddler who I love dearly. I have been married to my best friend, Josh, for 3.5 years and am always looking for ways to build up and keep our marriage a strong three cord- God, Josh and myself.
We are 39 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow with our second baby boy. Who hopefully will be here any day. I enjoy many activities and especially love being at home with our little man.

My goals for this blog are to discuss different topics each week and share mine and others insights and advice. Topics such as:
1. Breastfeeding
2. Babywise and Parenting
3. Natural Childbirth
4. Baby products
and more.

I will also be keeping track and sharing advice about my personal journey with the following:
1. Losing Baby weight
2. Couponing
and more.

If there is a topic you would love to here about please email me at
Please leave any comments and follow me!

I am looking forward to sharing this journey of blogging with you all and hope to hear from each of you!

I will be posting once more this week with the family/maternity pictures recently taken by HMN Photography, so you can better get to see and know our family.
Otherwise- posts will be updated each Wednesday.

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your week!


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