Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Birth Plan

I am 40 weeks and 6 days now and our baby boy will hopefully be here any day. Since I am so close to giving birth- this week I chose to talk about Birth Plans. 

5 Benefits of a Birth Plan
1. Help you decide the place of birth
2. Helps you decide the people you would like in the room
3. Keep track of your preferences for during and after labor
4. Identify your concerns and address them 
5. Makes you think about your birth

For writing a birth plan, I found a simple worksheet on www.bellies-n-babies.com. Here is the link:

You can always find more in depth and more detailed if you would like. This is just a simple, easy one that I like.

It addresses the essentials such as: Attendants, Management of Pain, After Birth, etc.

It is so simple to fill out and fun also! Birth Plans help you get in a mindset of how you would like your birth to go. Now don't think you HAVE to stick to your birth plan because sometimes unexpected things happen. 

My Birth Plan 

Mother’s Information
Name: Elisha Kemp
Estimated Due Date: December 1, 2011
Dr/Midwife: Peggy Franklin
Place of Delivery: NOVA Birth Center
I wish to have the following people at my birth:
•Partner: Josh
•Other: Midwife
The environment I would like to have for my labor:
*To bring my own music *Dimmed lights  *Speaking softly in room *Wear my own clothing
*Partner in room at all times *Eat as I wish *Drink as I wish *Move around as I please 
Equipment that I would like the option to use if available:
*Birthing tub/pool
General Medical Procurers:
 *Have no IV  *Few vaginal exams or by my request  *Monitoring using a Doppler
Management of Pain:
I plan to dealing with the pains of childbirth the following ways:
*Breathing tech.  *Massage   *Relaxation tech.  *Moving around as I please
The Delivery
During the pushing stage:
* I would like to be directed to push   *Push when and how I feel is right
*In any position that I feel is right for the time   *As long as we both are healthy, no time limitations on pushing
Medical Needs:
*I prefer to tear, no Episiotomy
The Actual Birth:
 *Touch crowning head   *Dimmed lights/daylight   *Dr/midwife catch the baby
After the Birth:
Once the baby is born I would like:
*The baby immediately place on my abdomen   *Wait to cut the cord until it has stopped pulsing   *Allow my partner to cut the cord  *Breastfeed as soon as possible
Routine baby care:
*Delayed until after 1st feeding/bonding  *All procedures are done in my presence
*My partner/I be with the baby at all times
General Medical Care:
*Do not give our baby routine eye ointment. We will sign any forms that we need to
at that time
*Do not give our baby Vitamin K of any kind at any time. We will sign any forms
that we need to at that time.
*We are postponing all newborn immunizations at this time
*We will be circumcising our baby boy
Feeding Times:
*My baby is to be exclusively breastfed.

Did you write a Birth Plan when you were pregnant? 
Have you written one now if you are pregnant? 
Let me know what you think of this worksheet and what you would do, I would love to hear.

Post your comments below and make sure to follow me! Share your birth plan below!


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