Thursday, December 15, 2011

Birth Story #2

Ian Luke Dawson Kemp
Date of Birth: December 14, 2011 
Time: 4:54PM
Weight: 10.8lbs Height: 23.5 inches

I always find it amazing how God can take and grow a little human inside of a woman. How it feels when the baby first moves and the moment he comes into the world. 
This little guy was a surprise to Josh and I, So hear is our birth story, Enjoy!!

Our first son was born at exactly 42 weeks, so with Ian we were hoping to be earlier, but apparently he had a plan himself! We began trying to induce labor naturally with Ian at 39 weeks, we tried everything under the sun--Walking every day, castor oil, acupressure, castor oil again, labor enhancing herbs,  acupressure again, acupuncture and even sex :)  I would get contractions but they would never progress under 10 minutes. 
Our midwife has a policy that at 42 weeks we have to transfer care to a doctor and have the baby at a hospital, so we didn't want to go over that date. 
At 41 weeks, Josh and I were getting tired because we were trying everything to induce labor and he just wasn't coming! I wasn't showing much progress and when we did the Bio-physical profile ultrasound, Ian scored a 6 out of 8- which is not that amazing.
December 13- We went to visit an acupuncturist in the AM to bring on labor- nothing happened that day and we were upset. 
We also had a baby appointment that same day and sadly our midwife told us we needed to transfer care on Thursday- Dec. 15. We also did a non-stress test during the appointment and Ian didn't score well. So we were really discouraged. 
The rest of the day was really stressful because I felt upset and was crying because I was worried about Ian and I also was tired of being pregnant. Just a big ball of pregnancy emotions :)
That evening we made a decision to go the next morning to be induced at 10AM and to have him in the hospital. It was a very hard decision to make and we were both pretty upset.
That night, Josh and I sent the word out to a few friends and our Pastor to pray for us and that God's will not ours be done. 
I slept about 4.5 hours that night, hoping contractions would start and stressed because I didn't want to be induced or have a C-section. 
December 14- 7:33AM- while sitting on the couch I felt a contraction. I didn't think anything of it because I had been having them for about a week with no progress. After 4 pretty strong contractions, I woke Josh up and we decided to start timing them, just in case. Well they started getting more intense, but we both were still doubtful and hesitant to make a hasty decision. 
 9:00AM- I was having them every 8 minutes or so and getting stronger. We called our midwife and asked her if she believed in miracles and told her we were having some contractions and they were consistent and slowly getting closer. Praise God we didn't have to go to the hospital! I really wanted to have him at the birth center.
 11:00AM- They were about 6 minutes apart so we decided to head to the birth center and have this baby! We were so excited and thanking God for a miracle. 
When we arrived, Josh started my Pandora music which was set to Ginny Owens Station for the next 7 hours. It was so peaceful to have worship music in the background. 
My water had not broken yet, but we were hoping it would break any time soon. 
12:00PM- When I arrived I was 3-4 centimeters. I decided to start laboring some in the water tub ( I wanted to have a water birth like I did the first). Once I got in the water I dilated pretty rapidly, when my midwife checked me next I was 8 centimeters!  It was about 1PM now. I kept feeling the urge to push and I would but it was hurting( like it should), I realized later my water bag was in the way of him coming the rest of the way. Otherwise it would have been fairly quickly.  
We went on like this for almost 2.5 hours or so, then sadly I threw up(which is normal) - and yes Josh was in the tub with me and got thrown up on. I felt so bad for him. I couldn't stay in the tub anymore because it wasn't safe for the baby and also it was pretty gross. 
So we got out and I stood, sat on the bed, sat on the toilet, etc. Everything to try to break my water bag. Ian was showing a little distress with his heart rate and I was getting so tired I started to cry more. 
4ishPM- To make a long story short, my midwife broke my water. I then went to the bathroom and then started to feel the urge to really push . We went back to the bed and 9 minutes later he was born at 4:54pm. 
Josh said when he saw him coming out he couldn't believe how big he was. He was huge! Everyone was shocked. 
That moment when he was born is my favorite. They instantly laid him on me and Josh and I both were crying. He was finally here!! 
My previous pregnancy I ended up going to the hospital for a retained placenta so this time I was so scared it would happen again I didn't want to push the placenta out. Praise God it all went smoothly and I delivered the placenta soon after! 
The most amazing part? I didn't tear hardly at all with how big he was! I didn't have to be sewn up like last time! I was so happy.
I did lose a lot of fluid and blood, so I had to have bed rest for 72 hours. 

I have to say I have the most amazing, strong husband ever. He is a rock, and was the most supportive person I could ask for with this delivery. I don't know how I would have done it without him. I screamed in his ear, I squeezed his arm and hand so hard, I threw up on him, I cried on him, and he still was a rock. I love that man!

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I hope you enjoyed this and I will be posting next Wednesday again as scheduled!

Ben with his little brother- Ian 

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