Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Resolutions

Welcome 2012!! I love the start of a New Year. It is always welcoming and it brings change. Have you made your New Year's Resolutions? I have and I will share some with you today, and also some helpful tips on how to make goals for the New Year that you will keep.

My New Year Resolutions

1. Weigh 140 pounds by end of June - Of course after having a baby my first goal would be lose weight. My  wonderful husband also made a little prize if I reach my goal and that is a new wardrobe.
2. Blog each week and get more followers. - I love to blog and I hope this is where you, my readers, can help! More followers this year! So share the love of this blog with your friends whenever you can! 
3. Devotion each day. - I am doing a One Year Bible with some ladies from my church and I am hoping I can keep up with it! I love my time with God each day, it is refreshing and helps me have a new perspective each day.

So these are my main goals, what are yours? If you haven't written them yet here are some tips to help you make and keep them.

Making New Year Resolutions and Keeping Them

1. Be Specific - Don't just make a goal such as "eat better", be specific on how you will eat better.
2. Don't set the bar too high - Aim low, and work up to it. Better to have many small goals than one that is set so high.
3. Set a Date- Make sure to set a date to your goal so you are able to achieve it.
4. Accountability and Support -Tell someone about your goal and when you hope to achieve so they can help you and cheer you on.
5. Reward Yourself - Set a reward for your goals or at least your major goal, and keep that reward in mind when working towards it.

I hope these helped and I would love to hear your New Year Resolutions! So send me an email or comment below!!

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Happy New Year!


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