Friday, February 3, 2012

Post Baby Workouts

This is one of my new quotes I am quoting each day. I have been successfully working out for a week and a half now! The workout program I am using is from Beachbody and it is the Debbie Siebers Slim in 6. 
Here is the link  .
It is a 6 days a week workout and each workout lasts 50 minutes. Having two kiddos has been a little difficult finding the time to workout but I have been successful so far! My goal for the next coming weeks is to find a consistent time each day ( such as in the AM or during naptime). 

Pounds lost : 2 pounds 
Pounds to go: 33 pounds 

I am also using the Calorie Count app on my phone to keep track of my workouts and the calories I eat, it has been such an eye-opener and has made me more aware of what I eat each day. The balance I am having trouble with is how many calories to have while breastfeeding but also to lose weight consistently. If you have advice please share!

Along with the workout I have also been walking every other day with Josh and the boys. We do about a mile right now. It isn't very far but it is a slow to brisk walk. My two year old walks alongside Josh while I push the stroller, so it is good for him too.

The vitamins and supplements I am taking each day are the following:
Prenatal Vitamin
Alfalfa - building up my iron intake
Green Tea - good to take when working out to help lose weight
Krill Oil - boost overall health and well being

I encourage you all to workout if you aren't right now. It boosts your energy, mood and how you feel and see yourself. You can start any day. Just get up and start slow!

If you are working out, good for you! What are you doing? How is your weight loss going?

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