Friday, March 16, 2012

Food, Fruit & Milk Oh My!- Project Simplify Week 2

For the month of March I am linking up with Simple Mom to clean/de-clutter/organize different areas in my home. 

Week two is Pantry/Fridge. 

Week Two

My little family and I currently live in a small,cute house on a farm. It does not have a pantry but I use my cabinets to store my food.

Going through the cabinets I found food in the back that I haven't used. I also found multiple cans of certain items that I assume I forgot I had or couldn't find and bought more of. 
I actually recently did a pantry clean-out because since I had Ian (3 months ago) I have been trying to eat healthy and cook healthy, non-packaged foods. It is always good to begin a healthy eating habit, for the sake of your health and also it will give you so much more energy. Once it becomes a habit, it will stick! 

Here are the before & after pictures:

My fridge definitely needs a good cleaning at least once a month. With spills that happen, food falling out of bags and sticking. It can become pretty messy. Ben, my 2 year old, always loves to help himself to the fridge, so that can sometimes accidentally cause spills and messes.

We get our milk from a Natural Market once a week. Chocolate milk for our 2 year old and milk for cereal and such. I love it! I love the glass bottles and the taste! If you have never tried milk in glass bottles, you are missing out! Find a market near you and try it because you will not be disappointed!
Here are the before & after pictures:

It is never too late to begin cleaning and de-cluttering! Join in and let me know if you are linking up with your before and after pictures! There are many ways to link up, just go to Simple Mom and check it out!

How do you keep your pantry & fridge organized and clean? 


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