Friday, March 9, 2012

One Shoe, Two Shoes- Project Simplify Week 1

For the month of March I am linking up with Simple Mom to clean/de-clutter/organize different areas in my home. Decluttering and Organizing are two of my favorite chores! Odd? I know. 

Week one is kid's stuff. I decided to do the play area and the boys clothes.

Week One


The play area in our home is located in the family room. It consists of all the toys a two year old boy would love to have it seems. I went through all the toys this week and purged broken ones or missing pieces. 

When I had finished cleaning and de-cluttering, I began organizing the books, the train table and all the toys inside of it. So much better!

Boy's Clothes 

How is it that our children have more pairs of jeans than us? Also, so many outfits! I went through the boys clothes this week and began tagging the ones that are going to the Consignment this spring and then put away the ones that Ian will wear later on. 

I keep most of the clothes that they wear for the week in the changing table. Ben will go through a few pairs with spills and always wanting to play in the mud/water when we go for walks. Ian will of course have those explosive diapers occasionally and of course spit-ups.

It's not too late to jump in! 

How do you keep the kid's stuff organized?

Share your tips & ideas!


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