Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Three Months Old

Ian is 3 months old today! 

-grabbing items
-Able to hold his head up steady now
-Sleeping 7.5 hours each night
- Loves "talking" 
- Has a big ole' smile for everyone who talks to him
- Looks at his hands 

Ian is definitely getting a little more of a personality each day. He is much more sensitive than Ben was and loves to stare at faces and anything bright. He is a happy, chunky, chubby cheeks baby boy! 

I am going to begin trying to give him formula in a bottle again, hopefully he will like it! I am going to try Similac this time. What kind of formula did your little one enjoy?
Ian weighs 18 pounds at 3 months old and is 24 inches.

What did your baby weigh at 3 months?

My best friend took some impromptu pictures of Ian at 3 months, here are a few! Check out her amazing work at HMN Photography .

I am thoroughly enjoying being home with my boys and seeing them grow and hit more milestones each day. So thankful for my amazing husband and all the hard work he does so I am able to be blessed and see our sons grow each day.


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