Friday, March 23, 2012

The Ugly Drawers and Hot-Spot- Project Simplify Week 3

For the month of March I am linking up with Simple Mom to clean/declutter/organize different areas in my home. 

Week Three is Drawers and Counter tops. 

Week Three

 Having a small kitchen and not too much space definitely makes you use the space you have more wisely. While going through my drawers this week, I decide what was beneficial to have in the drawers and kitchen and what was not. My silverware drawer needed a little more space so I moved it. Unfortunately my 2 year old can still get to it and take out forks and spoons( his favorite items to dig in the dirt outside). 

Before & After pictures:

I had an empty drawer in the end, so I decided to put my breakfast bars in that one and save the space that the boxes were taking up in the cabinets. Simplify Tip of the Day!

Magazines, Books, Food, Toys, Stickiness. This is what I came across on the side table next to my couch.   The number one hotspot in my home it seems. I reorganized the magazines and books, disposed of any food and trash, and of course cleaned up the stickiness left from a certain toddler who loves to "clean" up his own messes. I love my little helper! 

Before & After pictures:

Looking better already! I love to Simplify every once and awhile. It is refreshing and my house is looking a little more organized each week!

What are the hotspots in your home? Any tips to how you keep them non-cluttered?


  1. I see you are a reader just like me! I always have a pile of books and or magazines somewhere in the house.... which I plan to tackle this week when we get to choose our own adventure! Thanks for sharing!


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