Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Five Months Old

We are almost to the halfway mark for this year! Time definitely flies by with kiddos. I have to say Ian has been a blessing even though he was a 100% surprise. Each day he has given me a reason to smile and to laugh. I love how he recognizes our little family. When he sees me he begins to smile and give me the cutest look, when he sees Josh he smiles and begins to wiggle his arms and legs as if he is trying to jump into his arms, and when he sees Ben he laughs the biggest belly laugh. All I can say is ADORABLE.


-Rolling and squirming, looks like he wants to crawl! But not for a little bit more

- Sleeping about 7.5 hours each night, has been waking up once a night right now to get a midnight snack

- Trying to sit alone, still working on those back muscles to help

- Loves picking up toys and going straight into the mouth

- Drooling very much, Teeth any day!

- Making 2-syllable sounds, and forming the word "dada" but hasn't vocally said it yet!

- Eating baby food!

Still breastfeeding and also now eating baby food! He loves his sweets and is not as thrilled with the mixed veggies food.

I love this stage because he has a personality more now and soon will be talking and crawling!

I feel so blessed with having two boys!

What do you feel blessed with today?


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