Monday, August 27, 2012

You never know the ending

I woke up today to a crisp, cool morning dew. Then it turned into a beautiful sun shining day. Who knew?

Today marks 5 years since my mom has been gone. She fought for a long grueling year. She fought against the deadly disease- cancer. She didn't have a common one. But one thing she taught me that year was- " Don't give up".

I have had anger, sadness, joy, and laughter the past few years thinking and remembering her.

I remember :

Her listening to me whenever I wanted to talk.

Her patience

Her heart full of love for all around her

Her joy in seeing me grow into a woman

The day I was adopted and how much joy there was

I was only 18 when she past away, and I so wish I could've asked more questions. I wish I could've have had one more day with her.

You never know the ending.

Don't waste today. Go . Do . Give your husband one more kiss. Give your kids one more minute. One more hug.

Stop wasting time and value it. Because you never know the ending.


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