Sunday, December 30, 2012

100 Pound Loser ebook review

I have always loved Jessica Heights blog and her sweet but strong personality. It has always spoken to me.

When I saw she was coming out with an ebook I could not wait to read it and help her promote it!!


When I began reading it I felt like she was sitting there on the couch speaking to me directly. Jessica points out and encourages us as moms in a way we need it.

She points us to Him first because we are a beautiful creation of God's. He wants us to keep our body's healthy, clean and fit.

She gives amazing tips that are easy to follow and encourage us to lose weight instead of always being discouraged when we don't reach that goal we had.

I highly recommend 100 Pound Loser and it has definitely helped me focus more on my goal for the next few months.


I have mini-goals set up now with my major goal, and I can not wait to share my results in the following months with you on my weight loss!!

My husband is even joining me as my accountability partner and support!

Want to join me and have accountability for 2013? Shoot me an email!


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