Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Balancing it All

I always have wanted to be a mom. Always. It has been a desire deep in me since I was young and played with baby dolls. I even had twin baby dolls and used to change their diapers, feed them and have time to dress up myself in a flash.

Thinking back on my young, innocent mind I have to giggle now and think how would I survive with twins?? When do I have time to get dressed?

I love being a mom and to keep my sanity I need balance, schedules, patience.

It is tough to balance a marriage with two kids but one thing I learned from watching my parents marriage while growing up and seeing for myself is you need to schedule time away and time alone with your spouse. I will be sharing later this week some tips and ideas.

I am so blessed with a husband who comes home some days from a very long day and will help me pick up the house and vacuum for me ( because that is one chore I absolutely do not enjoy doing). :)

Balancing it All in my life is

1. Waking up each morning and beginning the day with my devotions and God

2. Having specific time( date nights) with my husband

3. Having patience when those moments of motherhood overcome me 

I am so grateful to be the mommy to two boys and I enjoy each moment I am with them.

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