Monday, January 7, 2013

Joy Dare Week One


One of my goals this year is to do the Joy Dare. I am loving it. It has me thinking each day of what gifts truly matter in life and how to be grateful in all I do.

1. "I love you" from Josh  

2. birds chirping on a spring day   

3. laughter in my home

4. colorful leaves on the trees

5. kitchen to prepare food

6. delicious lunch made by Josh

7. waking up to the boys giggling

8. Ben asking Ian if he wants to cuddle

9. Ian blowing kisses

10. dinner table from my dad- so many memories

11. Lisa Leonard necklace from my amazing man

12. my SUV. so grateful for a working car. I love it.

13. My supportive, strong husband who leads our family, Josh.

14. Benjamin Conner, our head strong, thoughtful little man.

15. Ian Luke Dawson, our gentle, cuddly little guy.

16. moments in the morning that I spend with Jesus.


Let me know if you are joining me this year! I would love to follow your journey!


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