Monday, January 14, 2013

Joy Dare Week Two


One of my goals this year is to do the Joy Dare. I am loving it. It has me thinking each day of what gifts truly matter in life and how to be grateful in all I do.

17. Reading the #shereadstruth devotional

18. Making an effort to write each day

19. I see a house messy but it is a home

20. Opening a crisp, new book.

21. The boys splashing and laughing in the bath

22. Ben's expression when given an ice cream cone, then he exclaims "That's huge!"

23. diapers on the boys.

24. Enough food. 

25. Overflowing love for Jesus. 

26. Dirty dishes

27. The smell of a clean kitchen

28. Ben and Ian enjoying bathtime together

29. Early morning waking up

30. The reflection of Ian's shadow walking outside

31. New friendships

32. Holding hands with Josh

33. Ben wanting to cuddle

34. Sweat on my face from a good workout

35. Grace when my attitude is not grateful

36. my boys enjoying an apple

37. Ending the day with a book 


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