Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Raising Warriors

I love being a Boy Mom. I am surrounded by boys each day.

Boys that enjoy adventure.

Boys that enjoy wrestling.

Boys that are young warriors.

4 Helpful Tips for Raising Young Warriors

1. Boys always want to please their moms

They want to please you. They want to know that they have your support and love in each task, job, and idea they come up with. Go with it!

2. Boys love praise ...in everything

Just the other day Ian learned to "dribble" kick the ball. So each time he would kick it (one kick) he would look at me and want to hear praise and he also wanted a high five.

3. Boys love responsibility

Give your toddler the chore of cleaning the table and watch him enjoy doing it! Give him the task of washing the windows or making his bed and watch him take his job very seriously.

4. Boys need to have a place to release all their energy

Boys have energy, its natural! Let them have time each day(or even a few times a day) to get some of it out! Take them outside, go for a walk, have a pillow fight, let them jump on your bed, play hide-n-seek! Get some energy out and enjoy those bonding times with them!

HINT- These tips and ideas also are true for the "other boy" in the home (your hubby)..Surprise him with a pillow fight, praise him, etc.

Let me know what tips you have as a mom of boys!


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