Monday, February 25, 2013

Fish Tacos Recipe

This was my first try at Fish Tacos. It also was a huge it with the boys! That says a lot, especially about Ben who is my picky eater.


How To Make:

De-thaw fish

Cut Fish into small bite-size pieces

Spray skillet

Place fish in skillet for about 10 minutes , chopping up fish.

Mix old bay seasoning and a little bit of onion with the fish

Remove from stovetop and Serve!

I diced up some tomatoes and prepared the lettuce and cheese while the fish was cooking.

I purchased whole wheat tortillas for the tacos and they were yummy too!

I also made a side of brussel sprouts, which were delicious and Ian loved them!


 The Fish Tacos are about 240 calories each and they are also part of our eating clean diet! So a double win.

What recipes do your kids enjoy? 


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