Thursday, February 28, 2013

We're Potty Trained! (and some tips for moms)

I feel I have conquered a mountain. My 3 year old is potty trained. Yes, 100 percent.

Now this did not come easy, this is my 3rd time trying.

I tried when he was almost 2 and I was pregnant. It ended in him screaming and running naked around the house trying to find a diaper and pee everywhere. Not one of those "I love being a mom" moments. 

The second time was this last September, and it ended just like the first one plus some tears from me too.

The third time I was ready and armed.

Guess what? in 3 days He was staying 100 percent dry. 

Now we are going on a week and he is doing great. He even goes now without telling me :)


6 Easy Tips for Potty Training

1. Let him pick his potty seat- Ben picked a Cars potty seat from Target.

2. Let him pick his underwear- We picked underwear out the first time trying to potty train and when I started this time I let him pick each day which ones he wanted to wear.

3. Leave the house- Some say stay at home, but leaving the house helped us. The first few days we went out to eat for lunch and he did have an accident both times but by the 3 day he remembered when to go and he made it!

4. Travel potty seat- He loves his Cars potty seat from Amazon. It is foldable and fits right in my bag.

5. Give him a special treat- Ben received a popsicle or ice cream cone the first few days whenever he did remember to go and he went. Now he thinks it is for each time :)

6. Discipline- I don't recommend this for every child but it did work on Ben when he did forget and he had an accident.

I love seeing how proud he is when he goes each time, that is a "I love being a mom" moments.

What worked when you potty trained your toddler?


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