Finding a Rhythm Part One

I took a class online last week on my birthday for moms of littles. Tips and Tools to help me. It seriously was amazing and I learned so much through Hayley and talking to all the other ladies in the chat.

Here are some of the Tips & Tools I learned:

"Don't aim for perfection. Aim for a happy mom and happy kids who ultimately trust Jesus." - Hayley

This spoke to me so much because ultimately this is one of my goals as a mom. I want them to trust Jesus, I want them to see me reading my bible and talking about Him. Everything else isn't as important.

"My aim is to not do anything I can't continue for each child." -Hayley 

How about you? I agree that each child is different but in the overall perspective do you completely discipline each child differently? Or when disobedience happens do they each have the same results in disciplining? Love to hear your thoughts.

"Aim for a rhythm not a schedule. Schedules fail and promote discouragement, but rhythms encourage peace." - Hayley

I want to find a rhythm. This is what really got to me. I over-schedule myself. I get stressed if I miss my times to do the dishes, get to a play-date, make our beds, get dressed. I need to stop. Think. Find a rhythm. Go for it. I need to find routines instead of schedules.

"Doing hard things empowers children, builds their 'courage muscles'. Let them complete tasks on their own. They need to fail & try again." - Hayley

How else do we expect our children to learn if we do everything for them? Recently I have been giving Ben chores. It is difficult for me to not go right behind him and fix the way he made his bed or turn his shirt around if it is backward. BUT it is part of learning, for both of us. I have shown him a few times to make his bed each morning. Now I stand there and let him make it and praise him.

I have so much more to share with you about what I learned from Hayley and I want to also share how I am finding my rhythm.

Would love to hear your thoughts! 

Do you over-schedule? Do you have a rhythm?