Friday, March 29, 2013

Five Minute Friday- Broken

It is so hard being a momma these days.
Once you have that baby you better be running outside or on the treadmill a week later. No time to rest.
You better be getting that body to look good in a bikini and get rid of those stretch marks and muffin top. Or else you are broken, that is what they say.

I have thought for almost 3 years that I had a broken body after two pregnancies. 
Trust me. Two kids over 9 lbs each does a number on a body.

I came to realize when my youngest turned 1 in December that it is beautiful.  
This body has carried three babies. Two have been brought into this world. 
This body has fed two babies on solely breastmilk for months. 

This body is beautiful. This body has stretch marks as a rememberance of each new body being formed inside the womb. Each kick I felt while pregnant was a blessing, reminding me of the special gift God was giving my husband and I. 

Remember you are not broken. 

You are beautiful. Inside and out. 


  1. Oh, girl, what a story. I can relate to in many ways. I remember the big babies I had, the endless nursing, the stretch marks that are my scars lived out on me. But, I wouldn't change any of it. Remember these moments when they are 16 and towering over you or 15 and they are devastatingly beautiful and you feel old and tired. They will serve you well and give you strength to be a grandmother some day. visiting from FMF.

    1. Thanks Nancy! Thanks for visiting :)


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