Finding A Rhythm Part Two

I previously wrote about taking a class online with Influence Network. If you aren't a member go and sign up! It is amazing, encouraging and such a blessing in my life.

I have reviewed my weeks and studied how our family operates. What our rhythm is.

I will be sharing my Homemaking Journal/Notebook with you next week!

This is Our Rhythm in this season of our lives:

That is usually how our days go. I will be sharing more next week about my notebook and how our home functions:)

Here are some more tips and tools I learned from Hayley:

Encourage independent playtime. -Hayley

This is so true. In today's society it is all about the children and keeping them happy. But how do we expect them to function on their own if we are always entertaining them? Give them some blocks and watch them build on their own. Give them some play-doh and encourage them to use their imagination.

Start your 'second day'. -Hayley

Having a bad day? Start over. Right where you are. Make a new cup of coffee, take deep breathes and start your second day. Trust me, this is one tip that has helped me so much. 

You set the tone. Don't let them manage you... manage them. -Hayley

When momma ain't happy, ain't no one happy..Have you heard that phrase? Well guess what it is the truth. 100 percent. You set the tone of your home, when your husband comes home and the kids are cranky but you are optimistic and happy, does it help? Yes it does. Manage them, don't let them run you over and out of your home. 

I learned so many more tips and tools in the hour long class but I don't want to give it all away:) I want you to go buy the class now and take an evening and listen to it. Be encouraged with your littles. Be blessed so you can bless them with a happy mom. 

What is your rhythm in your home?