Guest Post- Paula at Beauty Through Imperfection

Hi! I'm Paula and I blog over at Beauty Through Imperfection, I'm so happy to be here at Grateful with Two today(thanks Elisha!).
So I have a question for you.. Do you ever have those moments where you find yourself thinking "I must be the worst mother ever"? Maybe it's because your kid is throwing a tantrum or you feel discouraged because you don't feel like playing trains with your toddler today, or maybe you accidentally slept through your infant's fusses for a few minutes in the middle of the night as the baby was crying for milk. . . There are so many things that can happen every day to make us wonder if we're on the right track as mothers.

 We are bombarded with thousands of decisions every day, each one seems to be more important than the next: What should I feed my kids? How long should they be allowed to watch television each day? Should they even be allowed to watch it at all? When to potty train? When to introduce solids? How to discipline, how to speak, when to teach what manners, when to be laid back and when to create new rules...
 There is so much to be considered and everywhere you turn there will be some one telling you that you're doing it wrong. Sometimes people seem to come out of nowhere to inform you that your parenting decisions are somehow inferior to their own. I'm right there with you, I know how hard, stressful and downright overwhelming it can be. But I'm also learning something: I'm starting to see that a majority of the things that I stress out over aren't that important in the long run.

 I've noticed that in all my attempts to be "the perfect mama" I've become a stressed-out version of me and that's not who I want to be and it's definitely not who I want to teach my kiddos to be.
 So right now? there is laundry that needs to be done, there are dirty dishes in the dishwasher because I forgot to run it last night and, as always, there is some cleaning up I could be doing, but this morning we decided to go to the park instead. Little Man was grumpy and needed to run off energy so I chose to sacrifice the "perfect" image of a "spotless" house and take him to play instead. Now the kiddos are sleeping and so the laundry and dishes are yet again waiting. . . But it's ok. Dirty dishes don't make me a bad mom. Neither does dirty laundry or *gasp* toddler tantrums. These are all regular parts of a normal life.

                                         how to be a good mom

 Finding "balance" looks different every day. Everyday, there will be something that happens that could make me exclaim "I must be the worst mother ever!" but there's also things that makes my kiddos giggle, there's also plenty of fun that we're having and even a good share of teachable moments through discipline and correction. It's all part of the "norm".
 Despite what I sometimes think in my head, I'm not the worst mama ever. nor am I the best. and I'm guessing you don't fall into either of those categories either. 
So today, instead of swinging that mommy-pendulum from one extreme to the other, let's shoot for being fun mamas. Let's focus our attention on being loving instead of perfect. It will probably look different everyday and that's the fun of it! If you can learn to embrace it ;) Here's to being fun-loving mamas! However that may play out in your life today!
   to be the perfect mama Paula and her husband have been married for 4 years. They have 2 lively and rambunctious kiddos Little Man (2) and The Princess (6 mos). Paula's passions include writing, hot weather, watching her kids giggle and encouraging people. You can find more of Paula's writing on her blog, Beauty Through Imperfection where she writes candidly about her life as a young wife and mom.