My first 5k

I have officially ran my first 5k. It was hard, tough, exhilarating and a good pump of oxygen to my broken body after two babies.

I did  run  slow jog quite a bit of it. I did take a few breathers and I so wish now that I didn't. 

Yet I finished. Accomplished. 

3.1 miles in 43 minutes. An average of 14 minutes a mile. HORRIBLE. 

I am beating my self up over it. I am signing up for another 5k in September and my goal is to take off 4 minutes. 

So I am pacing myself, I did a mile on Friday in 12 minutes. 

My goal is to finish the 5k in 35 (preferably 30) minutes. 

Here are some pictures from the 5k.

Have you run a 5k?