Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Organizing Kid's Clothes

I have been slowly working on organizing and simplifying our home. It was so refreshing when we moved this past September because I was able to really go through EVERYTHING and slowly get rid of junk and more that I have no use for.
I am still in the process of simplifying our schedules, our stuff, our lives.

Last month I came across a few ideas for the boys clothes. It is always so hectic when changing them and trying to find p.j.s at night.
Their closet was not exactly easy to get to. The boys always enjoyed going in their and closing the door and ripping down all their nicely folded clothes.
So I needed to find a solution.

Tip #1 

Pick their clothes out before the beginning of the week
This includes p.j's. It has made my mornings so much better! I even have hangers for each day of the week. 

Tip #2

Don't fold the clothes
You read that right. Save yourself some time and stress. Keep it all in a basket. Simple, easy to get to. 

Tip #3

Donate, Give away or throw away clothes that no longer fit.
Seriously, make it simple. You will feel better afterwards. Give them to a friend in need, Care Net Crisis Pregnancy or Salvation Army.

QUESTION: What works for you with organizing your kids clothes? 


  1. I organize by type and color. I also set my kids clothes out the night before, just makes the mornings a bit less chaotic.

  2. Organizing clothes for the week is a great idea! I find the day goes so much better when I prepare things in advance. I'll have to pin this so I remember! Thanks for hosting the link up!

  3. Thanks Carrie! Yes, my days seem to run smoother in the mornings now :)

  4. Found you through Mercyinkblog.com.

    We have three little girls with another girl due in a month. With girls' clothes I find it easier to hang their clothes in outfits. This makes it easy for them to pick their own clothes while still matching :) It also helped us weed out clothes. If a shirt didn't match any of their pants/shorts/skirts it was given away. Now I know that everything in their wardrobe has a coordinating piece.

    For our one son, I simply hang all his shirts and stack his shorts (or pants, depending on the season) in a small plastic drawer on the floor of his closet. The closet is short so he can reach all of his clothes.

    PJs and garden clothes (2 sets of play clothes that can get really messy) are kept in a dresser in the kids' room (everyone has their own drawer). The kids also each have small bins under the bed that hold their socks and undies

    1. Love your ideas of keeping the clothes organized!


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