Monday, May 13, 2013

Boy meets Girl

Stories of how couples meet are my favorite. They are stories of true love. True depth. True feelings. 

Since our anniversary is this Friday. I am sharing our story this week :)

We were both home-schooled and involved in the same homeschool group. I always remember meeting him in band class. He vaguely remembers it. We did speech class and chess club together (yes really). 

I was 12 and he was 16. When you are a young, that is a big age gap. I always liked him and wished I could date him. He was funny, incredibly cute, confident and friends with my older brother. 

I always wished I could be the one playing against him in chess but he hardly ever did. We played maybe a handful times against each other. I always played his younger brothers or my friend Christian (the only other girl in chess club). 

I never did well in speech class and dropped out one time because it always made me so nervous I could hardly speak. He was amazing, always delivering his speeches in the right tone and mannerism. 

I come from a family of 3 brothers (two I grew up with). He comes from a family of 7. He is the 3rd oldest. 

His family would come to our home for game nights and the Super Bowl. I remember one time playing ping pong together in my garage. I was so shy I didn't even talk. We played football outside and he lost his glasses, I searched for the next few days in our yard for them but never found them. 

I used to write about him in my diaries, how silly! It is romantic now :)

To be continued....


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