Friday, May 31, 2013


Joining Lisa-Jo today for Five Minute Friday!

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Early morning. Sun is shining and yet it is only 6:30. I hear him playing quietly in the family room. Building his trains. He loves those trains. I ever so quietly get out of bed and peak around the corner into our family room. Benefits of apartment living, you see each room

He is building. Concentrating on each track. Trying to not wake his little brother who is sleeping in our room.

Later in the morning we go for a walk. A walk filled will sunlight, open pathways and the smell of honeysuckles. Reminds me of my childhood. He is red-faced and sweating but is thoroughly enjoying holding my hand and walking with me. He smiles up at me and I capture that moment in time silently.

I don't want to forget these little years. This time spent raising warriors. This time spent intentionally with them. I can imagine these years one day will only be memories in photo books. On our walls. In our hearts.


  1. Yes...I'm here to tell you. I'm on the other side of raising little ones with a 35, 24, 23, and 18 year old. Every moment is precious! Blessings!

  2. Oh yes - cherish these times. The memories will stay in your photo books as well as your heart, and they will be so very precious. Thank you for sharing some of them here!

  3. Hi Elisha
    I am the mom of two grown-up sons and I assure you that the world in your heart where they live never ever grows smaller. They just add on as they grow and mature.
    Happy FMF.

  4. What a neat link up!! My son who is 5, LOVES his Thomas the trains. I have always loved watching how focused he is building his tracks and role playing with each engine- it's amazing! I may join this link up, it seems like a great idea! Stopping by from and mama memoirs :)

    1. I love watching him play with his trains.

  5. this is so sweet! i love your reflections on this time of your boys' lives!

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by!


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