It Takes Two

12 days before we were to be married and we still hadn't found a place to live. At first we had looked at a few places to buy but we didn't find anything we really loved. So we began looking for rentals. 

Finally I found one! A 2BR 2BA Condo in our favorite little town, Warrenton.  We did a walk through the next day and signed the papers. We were officially renters! 

Our Wedding Day came. I think pictures always say more so here are a few :

Our First Year
You are never ready to be in a marriage. It is just like parenting, you learn along the way. Jump right in and learn. I love that I was married at 19. I am able to grow as an individual and grow with my best friend. 
I have never been much of a communicator and that is one thing I had to learn. Our first few months were filled with a lot of heated discussions. One day while at the bookstore I found a book- Love and Respect . That book helped our marriage SO much. The second book that did was - Now You're Speaking my Language. I finally began to understand my husband and he began to understand me better.
Three months after we were married we found out we were pregnant. I had stopped the birth control but I didn't think I would get pregnant THAT quick. I miscarried at 12 weeks. 
A few weeks after I miscarried I was involved in a car accident. I was stopped at a red light and the guy  came 40 mph behind me and didn't see it was red. I walked out with no injuries. 
A few weeks after the accident I had an emergency appendectomy. 
Those months were hard but we made it and were closer than ever. 

I waited (per the doctor's request) to try again and 3 months after the miscarriage, we were pregnant! The weekend of our anniversary we found out it was a boy.  

Looking back on our first year of marriage I love every minute. Our fights grew us stronger. Our trials grew us closer. I wouldn't change any of it. 

Tomorrow will be five years. I will be having a GIVEAWAY in celebration of it and I hope you will come back to see.