Lately on my heart: Building a community

I love being surrounded by women who love God, their husbands, their kids and living life. It is energizing to me, encouraging. 

I need a community of women who want to live life to the fullest. Who want to fall in love with their husband each week, discipline their children with grace and find that quiet time once in while to whisper sweet prayers to Him. 

I want to build an online community of fellow bloggers. 

I want to build an offline community, in real life, of fellow moms. 

Building a community starts with opening up, speaking. I am beginning to do that. 

Being honest at play dates if you are having a rough morning, rough week, rough year. Writing in my journal and praying over friends. 

We as women love to be real deep down. We love community. We need community.

What do you do for community?