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Joining Lisa-Jo today for Five Minute Friday

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They are giggling together while playing near the water. Each carrying a bag of nuggets. It is dinner at the park night. The oldest helps his little brother on the rocky ground. The youngest with his chubby hands holds tight to his brother's hand. 

I am a boy mom and this is my world in front of me. I stay at home with them. I teach them. I cuddle with them. I get paid in kisses and hugs. 
When I daydreamed when I was young I didn't see it like this but I love it way more than my dreams. These two boys are the best ever. 
"Mom can you help me? I want to make a fishing pole?" 

I get up early each morning hoping for those few quiet moments, but they hear me and are up. I am grateful for these little years. They want to be with me and want to be up when I am up. Soon they will older and want to go play ball with their friends. I will enjoy these few years of grace, love and long days that soon will be short. 
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