Two Hearts Beat

This is part two. Read part one here. 

Whenever I would be interested in a guy and ask my mom what she thought she would always say to me  "Marry someone like Josh Kemp". Since she died before we were married I always see that as her blessing. 

Soon after Josh graduated in 2003 we didn't really see each other that much. Occasionally my brother and him would hang out but that was it. 

A few months before I turned 17, my family bought two horses. I was currently in a relationship when Josh began to shoe our horses. I remember seeing him for the first time in June 2006 (I had turned 17 in March). He was charming. I was shy. He made me laugh and smile. 

Fast forward a month and I was at home one afternoon with my parents. The phone rang and it was Josh. I was reading a book while she talked to him. After a few minutes of small talk I remember my mom waving her hand at me and begin writing on a piece of paper :

"Josh Kemp wants to go out with you"

I couldn't believe it! I was so surprised. I remember giggling with my mom and running downstairs to tell my dad. I think he was less than thrilled about me dating period. :)

A week later I had my best friend over and called the guy I was in a relationship with and broke it off. Yes, I was one of those people who couldn't do it in person. Horrible I know but I did celebrate breaking up with some chocolate cake and a movie. 

Our first mini date was a drive to Starbucks for a drink. We rode in his car and I was incredibly nervous and only asked one question "Do you have any goals?" . My seventeen year old self wanted to know if this man had plans, ideas and goals for his life. Little did I know at the time, Josh is a major goal-oriented person. Check that off my list.

Our first official date was a comedy show. It was fun because I was with him.

I didn't talk hardly 20 words our first two months of dating. I'm serious. That is how shy I was. But boy did I talk my mom's ear off about him. 

We agreed not to hold hands or hug for two months. It was odd but I liked it because I felt respected and like I meant something. 

I spent Thanksgiving with him and met his friends. We enjoyed hiking together, eating out and finally I began talking and opening up after a few months. 

I remember the first time he said "I love you". It was in January. We had been dating for six months. I was surprised and told him I wouldn't say it until I meant it because in my previous relationship it was said too much. 

So whenever he would say "I love you" I would say "Thank you" :).

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