Workout Log

My last workout log was in February where I said I lost 10 pounds since January 1st. Now it is May 27 and I have officially lost, since January, a total of

Oh yes, I am knocking those pounds.  Losing weight has not been easy. It is difficult. Draining. Hard. But you know what? It is so rewarding. 

I am down a size in my jeans and that is enough to make me smile all day. 

I have constant accountability and encouragement in my husband. 

I have finally come to the point in eating healthy where I want a salad rather than a juicy burger. 


I am so happy with myself up to this point. I have our end date for our first weight loss goal this next month! I am 6 pounds away from my June goal!

If you are trying to lose weight just take it one baby step at a time. One healthy habit after the other.