Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A little about me (Influence Network Link Up)

To all my readers. I am linking up today with Influence Network.

To my new readers, welcome! I am so glad you are here. To read even more about me check out my about page!

I was born a California girl and moved to Northern Virginia before I was 1. I did not have your normal childhood. It was full of lots confusion, hurt and moving. I was placed in foster care for 5 years.

By God's grace my older brother and I were adopted when I was 10 (he was 14!) and finally found my home right outside Manassas. A little under 50 miles from D.C.

It has the cutest Old Town in the heart of it. I loved going to the Farmer's Market and catching the train into D.C. This city is where I found my first job. This city is where I first met my best friend and where I later married him.

 I have a lot of history in Northern Virginia.

I learned to drive here. I had my first horse here. I had my first major surgery when I was 18. I held my mom's hand when she past away here.

I also have memories of giving birth to my first son at home.

Then two years later I gave birth to my second son, all natural again, 30 minutes away from home but still in Northern Virginia. This is a birth story you want to read.

I now live in a small town 30 minutes west of where I grew up. I live right in the heart of this quiet town. I am within walking distance of the library and the best place to get ice cream. The biggest store we have is a Walmart and Home Depot. Yep, country folks. It is fitting since my husband is a farrier.

I love it but yet, my heart is still calling to move to Texas. What?? Yes, it is totally random and yet so so true.

Yes, we are moving in a little under two years (hopefully!!). 

I have lived here my whole life, I have so many memories and yet I have fallen for another city ever since I first visited at 12 years old and then again at 17 and again when I was married at 19. I fell in love with Dallas. I fell in love with the people, the atmosphere, the weather and so much more.

If you are from Texas I hope you will let me know! I am looking to reach out to some fellow bloggers before I move so I will feel even more at home.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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