Friday, June 14, 2013

Listen to their questions

Linking up with Lisa-Jo today!

Sometimes the most innocent questions can carry so much wisdom are asked by children.

A long morning and time for a shower. I begin to undress and my 3 year old says to me "Mommy you got a boo boo. How did you get that boo boo?"

I look down at him and I know where he is pointing. I am embarrassed. I feel hurt. I feel love.

"Mommy got those when she carried you in her tummy." I say while eye level with him.

"In your tummy? Ok." He replies and then continues watching his movie.

I stare in the mirror. Bodies do change after a child is birthed from them. Suddenly flat stomaches are hard to gain. Stretch marks are kept. Forever.

I look and listen. I hear two boys laughing together.

It was totally worth it. Totally worth it to gain stretch marks to listen to laughter filling our home from two boys.

The 25 pounds I have lost is making it easier for me to look at myself. Motivation is coming from my two little men and my husband. Motivation to lose the last 30 pounds this year.


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