Making Friends is hard

Friendships can be hard. Especially when you are a mom. Opinions fly around. Judging each other is almost automatic. But it shouldn't be.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. By Him. We are each different. Each child is different. We are quick to forget that we each struggle in the same situations. We each struggle in how to discipline, what to feed our kids, and so much more.

Mommy Wars seem to catch our attention on tabloids but we shouldn't be having them in real life.

I have a few tips here on how to:

Make Friends 

Schedule Time Together- Playdates are great. Sometimes though you need those conversations that don't involve what you ate for breakfast and what your child did last night. Schedule a girl's night with her! You need to get to know her outside the home life. Make an effort. 

It won't last forever- This time with children that are young? It will not be here forever. They will not always be 2 years old. Remember that. Remember your friends who don't have children yet, they know you. It might be harder to get together but try and don't forget- it won't last FOREVER.

Open Up- Share your heart. Be honest. Let go of the fear you have and share with her.

Stop Judging- A quick slip of the tongue can damage a relationship. Damage the trust. Let's remember that we need relationships, we as women crave that intimacy. 

I am still learning in friendships. I am still growing. How about you?

What have you learned in friendships?