My 5 Favorite Must Haves this Summer

So this week I have been doing an All things Summer posts. I have our Bucket List for the summer and I have my Reading List (which I began last night). 

I love summertime. It screams pool time, fireworks, BBQ, anything having to do with outside for me will be marvelous!

My 5 must have items for this summer:

1. Feel Good Shades. 
I got mine right here from Target. They have the most adorable sunglasses. Go check them out!

2. Running shoes. 
I am not able to run right now because almost a week ago I broke my toe and it is STILL healing. BUT, one thing I am doing this summer is running. I have a 5k I am signing up for in Sept./Oct. and I want to be ready and fit. Invest in a good pair. 

3. Comfy wardrobe. 
I don't like the sticky sweaty feeling of summer so I have invested in some good light shirts from American Eagle. You should too! I also am getting my 2nd Stitch Fix next week! I can't wait.

4. Good Beauty Products.
I love my MAC makeup. It never smears, it never runs, it is truly long lasting. It is pricey but definitely a staple in my items for the summer. If you find a staple hair product though please tell me! I am still searching.

5. Ready to go Car.
I have in my car right now foldable lawn chairs, a jogging stroller and a huge blanket and a backpack(diapers, change of clothes and underwear for boys). All for my on the go life:) Just in case we go for a run, go to the park and eat dinner, etc. Having the car ready to go is such a blessing right now with two boys. 

What is your must have this summer? 

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