Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Striving for guilt-free motherhood

I wipe the table down for the 10th time that day. It still feels sticky. The boys are playing together at the moment. Relief sweeps over me because I just broke up a fight not too long ago. Dishes sit in the sink, waiting to be washed. Clothes are piling up by the day.

 I feel guilty that I am asking for a break.


It is one of those emotions we suddenly gain a lot of when motherhood happens. Why do we feel guilty going out for a short while as a stay at home mom? Why feel guilty when we want to lay down for a moment and breathe?

We are home each day. Home working. Making a comforting, welcoming haven. Home. Wiping tables and noses. Preparing food and folding laundry.

Stop the guilt mama. Stop feeling guilty. Guilt-free motherhood should be what we strive for. 

Stop comparing yourself and your children to others

Comparing leads to guilt. Guilt that you didn't lose all that baby fat fast enough. Guilt that your child isn't talking as fast as your friends. Stop the guilt and do a workout. Today.  Stop the guilt and don't compare.

Don't let others make you feel guilty as a mom

We are all moms. Why bring each other down? We should be encouraging each other. We each have our hearts living on the outside of us. In these tiny human beings. Build each other up. 

Forgive yourself if you yell

With momma-hood comes those times where we lose our patience and yell. Then soon after you yell comes guilt. Stop the guilt. Say a prayer and forgive yourself. Hug your child and start afresh. Start a second day.

Guilt-free motherhood. Strive for it.

When do you feel guilty?


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