Monday, June 17, 2013

Who I am

Joining with Becky in a weekly link up of blogging with a purpose.  This week is:

Who I am

Writing about myself doesn't come easy. I am branching out more and more. Wanting to be real. Authentic. Honest. So I am joining this link up (hopefully each Monday!) to have a purpose in my blogging. To build a community. 
I am: 

A wife- I am married to a man who leads our family. A man who is always looking to provide, care and love us. I am his best friend. I am his helpmeet. Just today while on the phone he said "Hey I have an idea.. want to hear?" Before he could tell me I told him what I thought he was going to tell me. I know him. I love him. We connect on so many levels and some people don't understand that but we do.
A mom- I am a boy mom. Raising two boys. Two boys that I hope turn out to be unique and different from each other and those around them. Two boys I am teaching, loving, disciplining. I stay at home with them. I am enjoying every moment. 
Traveler of books- I love to read. Just about anything. I love traveling through my books and being there. I have a vivid imagination and love it.
Strong yet sensitive- Oxymoron? Yes, I am strong because I have been through many trials and yet I am only 24. I have changed in the 5 years since I have been married to a stronger, more driven, more talkative person. If you met me 5 years ago you would be surprised. I am sensitive and attentive to people and my surroundings.
A Sister- I have three brothers. No sisters. I am definitely surrounded by boys. My oldest brother is in the Army and currently deployed. We talk EVERY DAY. No joke, we are that close. I have two younger brothers. I didn't grow up with one of them (long story for another post) so I named my first son after him. My youngest brother and I are really close also, he is my little brother I always want to protect and yet sometimes can't. He is truly my look-a-like brother who loves a good laugh and watching movies together.
Day-dreamer-   My husband always calls me a butterfly. I am sometimes up in the clouds daydreaming. 
Who are you? 
Share in the comments, would love to get to know YOU!


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  2. Nice to meet you Elisha! Your family sounds wonderful, thank you for linking up :)

  3. It's not easy to write about yourself but I think this is great!! Found you through linkup!


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