Community love and those days of craziness

My husband and I both agreed early on we want our boys to have respect for our community and who serves and volunteers here.

A few weeks back we decided to take them to the police station to meet the officers. We took some donuts and red bull. Ben has been so fascinated with guns (such a boy) and he gets so excited whenever we see a police officer.

The officers were so thankful and surprised that our 3.5 year old brought them donuts and drinks! It always feels good and such a blessing when you can bless others. On our to do list now is to take pizza to the fire department!

Recently I have been having some craziness going on each day! My husband just recently got hired after a grueling 8.5 months of putting in 18-26 hours a week of self teaching himself a software language. He will be working in Reston which is about 45 minutes or so from us! So nice, I am so thankful that he has landed a job and can finally get out of shoeing horses.

Treating myself to one of these drinks one night and some Seinfeld episodes was a must after a hard week with the kiddos!

How was your weekend?