Getting the Big Picture

I love planning. Setting goals. Checking off lists. It is exciting to me.

When I became a mom it was overwhelming, frightening and I was definitely in the moment.  I always want to be in the moments with my boys but I also love to see the big picture.

I started this year with setting goals for them. I wanted Ben to learn his alphabet and numbers more. (He is!) I wanted to work with Ian in talking and pronouncing words. (He is doing so much better! We can understand him some).

This might seem to business like to you but hold on a second:)

You are raising the next generation of men and women. Adults. Influencers of the world. They will influence someone. They will make a mark in the world even if it is small in their eyes. When you want to lose weight, it is important to you. You set a goal, reach it, accomplish it.

Why not set goals as parents? As a mom? Goals to reach and accomplish.

Set goals for each child per month/year. Make it simple. Get a notebook and write down each accomplishment. Since my oldest is almost 4 this is a great age to determine if you want to teach them the alphabet, teach them to swim, teach them your address, etc.

Stop competing. Don't look at other kids who are potty trained at 1.5. Or who can ride a bike at 3. Set goals that are reachable for you and your child. You know him/her more than anyone else.

Find a group. Find a mom's group, MOP's or someone you can call. Find that circle of encouragement, honesty and non-judgmental.

Breathe. Those days you want to do 10 million things? Breathe. Don't save the worst for your husband and kids and give the best to your friends. Give your kids and husbands your best. See humor in the small things. Count to 10.

What kind of parenting goal would you set?