Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mommy are you my friend?

"Mommy are you my friend?" "Mommy I really like you..."

I hear these words spoken everyday, multiple times and it has recently reminded me how much this little boy, who came into the world 3.5 years ago, wants to hear, "I love you". How much he desperately needs and wants to be loved. To be someone important.

He is so important and I always tell him-- yes I am your friend, I love you too. He reminds me of myself as a little girl needing that security of someones love. Being reminded that it would not be taken away the next day like it was so much growing up in foster care for 5 years.

Remember Momma, even in those days that never end. Stop. Tell them you love them.

I know they frustrate you, I know you are brought to tears some days with tiredness and can barely hold your head up. I know you aren't enjoying the little years at the moment.

I also know you would do anything for them. Speak the words out loud. Hug them. Kiss them. Tell them they are loved.

It is like our relationship with Jesus. We frustrate Him, I am sure He grows tired of us not coming to Him for comfort BUT He is always there, He shows us His unconditional love.

Tell them today. Tomorrow. Now.


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