My Biggest Weakness

It's interesting when people talk about their biggest weakness. It opens up a door into your home. A door with full honesty, vulnerability and hope. Hope to be understood.
As I was thinking about my biggest weakness I had to also ask my husband. Sometimes I think better when I can talk out loud about it.
So my biggest weakness is:

I am loyal to a fault
I always look at people too optimistically 
Before you laugh at me:) Let me explain,

I am a butterfly in life. I am friendly to anyone and everyone and always want (and I do) see the best in people. It's not so bad sometimes because I can easily like and show love to people. But it can be.

I like to think there is no evil in people. I have had a friend who told me hurtful comments and I still wanted to be friends with her because that is who I am. 

Being married and learning through this weakness and going through different circumstances has taught me lessons. Sometimes hard. Sometimes ending in tears. I am slowly learning to have better discernment when circumstances arise.

I am grateful that I do see the glass half full and it always looks sunny and happy. Yet sometimes I need to remember that there is evil in this world. Evil things. Evil people. 
Yes I can show the love of Jesus in my life but not so much that I get walked on and hurt myself in the process.

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