Planning and Scheduling

I'm sure you have heard me talk many times about taking classes over at the Influence Network .

One class I took back in April was about Planning and Scheduling with Jessi from Naptime Diaries. These are a few of the tips I learned from her and how I am putting them into action now!

Take a deep breath. You've got time. You're in charge. There is grace. 
I love looking at this reminder from her when everything is in chaos.

Get your tools. 
I currently now have a monthly calendar hanging on a wall in my kitchen and a weekly calendar hanging on my fridge. After seeing what Jessi also used I ordered this planner and am waiting for it to come in the mail next month!!

A really important reminder I took from the class is to have measurable To-Dos, Missions and Goals. Even in the chaos I need to keep asking are these measurable?

For the past few months every Sunday I look at my following week. I write down on my weekly calendar what is coming up and I check my monthly calendar. At the end of each month I write the following month and add to it (when necessary) big events, date nights, etc.

80% rule.  
I loved this rule for my weekly calendar. Making sure I schedule rest, times for when chaos will come. Leave some white on the calendar and 80% full.

Highlight scheduled things. 
If something is schedule I highlight now with markers. A play-date, library day, grocery shopping, etc.

These are just a few of the tips I have taken and put into action from that class!

How do you plan and schedule?