Small Ways to Improve Your Marriage

We celebrated our 5th anniversary this past May. We have been through so much it seems in 5 years. We have been through 3 surgeries, 2 births, 1 miscarriage, 3 moves and more. 

We have been through screaming matches, sleepless nights, tears shed, hurt feelings and all those emotions that come when you love someone more than you can describe. We have also many through so much laughter my sides hurt and tears are coming, goofiness, joy and late night whispers in bed. 

I have many more years to celebrate with Josh and I can't wait. 

Surprise him with a message each day or each week. 
I have a chalkboard frame in our bathroom that has a message on it. You can find so many easy tutorials on Pinterest and lots of quotes too!

Send him an email or text. 
It's nice to look at your phone during a hard day with the kiddos and see an encouraging word from a friend. Do the same for your hubby! He's your best friend (I hope) and he loves to hear encouraging words from you!

Forget the "headaches".
Save energy for your husband a couple days a week. Make it a priority in your life to enjoy intimacy with him. 

Have Fun. 
Josh LOVES to do any kind of sport with me, tossing a ball, playing ultimate frisbee, tennis, swinging, etc. Guys love to DO things whether it be fishing, golfing or running, etc. Instead of a movie date night why not go fishing with him? Or go watch him play 9 holes. I bet he would have a blast.

Find his love language.
Figure out his love language and make sure to try to fulfill it. 

Have a board for him. 
You have a Pinterst board for cleaning, clothes, your kiddos, etc. Why not one for him? 

How many years have you been married?