Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What are you?

Since March I have been taking an Influence class each month. It is so hard to choose each month which one! The past couple ones I kept hearing the speaker and the girls taking the class with me talk about personality test.

I always thought, hmm they probably aren't accurate, etc.

I took one over the weekend ( made me husband take it too) and it is amazing to learn more about myself!

This is the link where I took mine.

My results were I am: INFJ.
I is Introvert, N is Intuitive, F is Feeling and J is Judging. My percentages were:

I- 89%  N- 59%   F- 80%   J- 55%  
Some famous INFJ's are Robert Burns, Martin Luther King JR, Fanny Crosby, Jerry Seinfeld. 

It says I am a dreamer and that is perfectly right. I like to dream, alot. I am truly an introvert and only talk non-stop with a handful of people or if I get to know you real well! When my husband and I first began dating I said maybe a few words for the first 3 months. 

I value deep, authentic relationships and care so much about relationships in general. 

It's funny how I learn so much more about myself! 

Would love to hear your results!

Are you an introvert or extrovert?


  1. I am definitely and extrovert! I get my energy from hanging out with other people. While I do value alone time, if I spend a lot of my time alone, I feel more drained. It's interesting how that works.

  2. I'm an introvert! My results were introverted, sensing, thinking, judging. "ISTJs are faithful, logical, organized, sensible, and earnest traditionalists who enjoy keeping their lives and environments well-regulated" (According to Wikipedia). It's crazy how accurate that is, and how much you can learn about yourself! So fun, thank you for the link!

    I've just discovered the Influence network... which classes have you taken?

    1. I have taken a class about motherhood, planning, branding your blog, introvert and influential women! I love that network

  3. I remember taking this quiz back in the day and I can't remember what I was... I should definitely retake it!

  4. According to that quiz. I'm an ISFJ. I don't really know what that means, though, haha. One of my favorite personality books is called Personality Plus by Florence Littauer. It really helped me understand different types of personalities and how they interact with each other! Let me know if you take that quiz, I'd like to see what they label you as. ;)

  5. I just took a personality test a few minutes ago and then came across this post. LOL I'm an ISFJ also {in response to Hannah's comment above}. Apparently it means that I have a need to be needed {will do anything to help others} and I prefer to have a few friends that I'm loyal to versus a huge list of acquaintances. I think it's a great thing when we take the time to get to know ourselves; not for our own personal gain, but in order to better serve those around us {i.e. I know I'm an introvert, so I am aware when the need to be alone hits. Therefore, instead of letting the need for solitude make a grumpy mama, I take the time to soak up that solitude when I can get it - waking up earlier and doing something life-giving during nap times}.

    Sorry for the super-long comment. I was just so excited to learn exactly where I fall on the Myers Briggs.


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