What are you?

Since March I have been taking an Influence class each month. It is so hard to choose each month which one! The past couple ones I kept hearing the speaker and the girls taking the class with me talk about personality test.

I always thought, hmm they probably aren't accurate, etc.

I took one over the weekend ( made me husband take it too) and it is amazing to learn more about myself!

This is the link where I took mine.

My results were I am: INFJ.
I is Introvert, N is Intuitive, F is Feeling and J is Judging. My percentages were:

I- 89%  N- 59%   F- 80%   J- 55%  
Some famous INFJ's are Robert Burns, Martin Luther King JR, Fanny Crosby, Jerry Seinfeld. 

It says I am a dreamer and that is perfectly right. I like to dream, alot. I am truly an introvert and only talk non-stop with a handful of people or if I get to know you real well! When my husband and I first began dating I said maybe a few words for the first 3 months. 

I value deep, authentic relationships and care so much about relationships in general. 

It's funny how I learn so much more about myself! 

Would love to hear your results!

Are you an introvert or extrovert?