First Day!

Today was an interesting day. Tough but good. We were up at 7 and out the door at 7:30 to go grocery shopping before Josh left for work. We bought the boys doughnuts for breakfast afterwards because they did really well.

Soon after Josh left for work-- I needed to head to a doctor's appt. Usually with my husband's previous job I would schedule the appointments when he had off. Now that he works M-F all day, I needed to take the boys with me. This was my first time ever taking them to a doctor appointment with me so it was to say the least..interesting:) Thank goodness Ben loves to draw and Ian entertains himself with my phone!

We also began our homeschool journey today! I will share more about why we are homeschooling this week but today was our first day of Preschool!

Ben will be 4 in October. So he won't start Kindergarten until Fall of 2015. I have tried many curriculum's with Ben and finally found this one, that I adore! Ben enjoyed our first lesson today. Our next lesson is on Wednesday but each day we will be talking about the verse we are memorizing, the letter of the week, etc.

Ian is a little young to be doing any learning but he always picks up whatever is older brother is doing! I feel so blessed to be able to stay home and train these boys to love Jesus, their friends and so much more! I love working on their hearts and teaching them little lessons in daily life. Ben is at the age now where he asks so many questions! Sometimes it is frustrating and I try to remember he is young, he is thinking more, he wants to soak up learning from me! I do sometimes answer "I don't know" but other times I try to find the best answer that he will understand at his age.

Ben is SO excited about school! I am so happy he loves to learn!

When does school start for you?