Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Having those teachable moments

When you first have children you always get plenty of advice. Some you take, some you leave. One that I have taken to heart is children like structure, routines.

Not so much a routine of "from 9-9:30 we will eat, then 9:30-10 we will play with mommy, etc." .

A kind of structure of what we do each week, each day, each month. If you make it a routine, it will get easier.

I love reading, I love going to the library. I have been taking my boys since they were each a few weeks and a few months old. Yes a library is a quiet place. It is also a good place to train your child to obey, to listen and watch mommy and daddy.

We have a library routine in our home. We go once a week, not always on the same day but we go. Now if you ask my 3 year old, "What do we do in a library". He would tell you we are quiet.

Each time we go they will go and look at the fish, then find the coloring paper and crayons, sit down and draw then look at books. I love having this time with them, showing them how to love reading as much as I do.

Do you go to the library with your kids?


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