Friday, August 16, 2013

Parenting Moments

Over the last few weeks we have had some parenting moments with Ian, our little guy. Sometimes it is frustration of him not being able to communicate so he gets upset, and sometimes it is when he does not get his way or he doesn't want to share.

The first year of having two was a struggle of balancing the right measure of attention, love and discipline. Soon after Ian turned one we found a balance, a sort of routine with having two boys.

Now that Ian is going to be two in a few months I think he might have hit the terrible twos. Yes, I do believe there is such a stage. Part of it is a stage of frustration of not being able to communicate and part of it is learning how to share, obey and listen.

My encouragement to you is:

Just Breathe.
Everyone says the years go by quick. It is so so true. I can't believe I will have a 4 year old in two months!

Be Consistent.
Being consistent in discipline and training your child is key. If you have told them 3x not to touch the flowers on the table and the fourth time you let them. They will pick up that they can do it each time.

Get eye level.
This has helped so much when talking to both my boys. Bend down. Get down to their level when talking to them. Connect.

I would love to hear your parenting stories and helpful tips!

What helps you when parenting?


  1. Love your tips Elisha! Getting eye level, on the same playing field, with them is helpful in so many instances. I love your picture above of your precious boys feet. I always loved my kids feet and wish I had taken more pictures of them!


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