Wednesday, September 4, 2013

7 Reasons why you need a planner

I love to be organized. I love to know where everything is. No my house is not super super clean, it is comfortably clean that I don't mind if someone stops by for a visit (just don't look to long at my carpet, I do have two boys).

I am a planner. I love to plan events ahead of time. I love to write it down. Remember it. In the past I have tried to use a wall calendar and it just didn't work for me. I would have a wall calendar with events, a memo pad with to-do's and a notebook with my goals for the week. Frustrating to carry it back and forth and also never being able to take it with me when I left my home.

Then I got a smartphone and I marked it on my calendar and wrote my to-dos on my notes in the phone. That worked for awhile but I always love to write stuff down and not always type it in.

That is when I found this planner - The Day Designer. Don't be scared off by the price, you honestly get your money for it.
So today I want to share with you:

1. Keep yourself somewhat organized. Even if you are a little organized it helps! Have you ever noticed if your bed is made and there are no dishes in the sink how much less stressed you feel? That is what a planner can do for you. Keep you organized and take stress out of your life.

2. Remember! I have the post-momma brain. I forget things, doctor appts, play-dates, lunch dates! When I have a planner I write it down and it helps me remember.

3. On the go. If you have a planner and not a wall calendar or a notebook with dates scribbled all over, you can take it with you. Place it in your diaper bag or purse and go!

4. Make plans right then. Ever been talking to a friend and trying to plan an event for the future together? Well if you have a planner with you, you can! You won't need to "check your calendar" or anything. (I still check with my husband but I will know if I am free that day).

5. Never forget where to go. Ever forget your list at home and are running errands? I did before I got my planner. I would forget what I meant to pick up or where I needed to go. Now I don't:)

6. Review Goals. Write your goals for the year in your planner and review them from time to time. You always have them right with you.

7. They are so cute! There are so many planners out there that are so adorable! I loved looking at all the different ones when I was looking this past summer.

Here is a list of planners I have found that are definitely worth it to try and get!

List of Planners

The Day Designer (this is what I have)

Do you have a planner? 


  1. In my day job, I used to live by a calender/planner down to the minute sometimes. Now that I'm in an office setting, I don't use it, but my boy is getting so busy these days that I think I need to pick up the habit again!

  2. I do not have a planner - but you are making me want one!

  3. Hi Elisha! Thanks for the recommendations. I love organization as well! Currently I make my own planner so that it's custom fit for what I need it to be. But I'm going to check out your recommendations also. Visiting from PYHO link up!

    Alicia (name buddies!)

  4. Hi again!

    It's Alicia. I realized I commented from one of my other google accounts which isn't connected to my blog. You can hop on over to my blog at! I'd love for you to visit :-)

  5. I definitely need mine to stay on top of things!

  6. Oh, I love planners, too! They definitely help me stay on track with life and with things that are most important. In fact, I visited your post from the Thrive at Home linkup because I am drawn to things that involve planning! I just linked up a post about Planning with Priorities (#15) on the same linkup. I enjoyed reading your 7 reasons to have a planner - good points.

  7. I love the idea of using a planner, but every time I get one I use it for a few weeks and then stop for some reason! I can't figure out why... lol I'm glad it works for you though! :) Thanks for linking up!

  8. I made my own planner, the only downside is that it is too big to carry and it is not able to be kept in a good location so it gets buried. You have good reasons to have one. Enjoyed this post.


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