Battling a Thyroid Disorder

I was almost 16 when I first was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder. Once I was seen by a specialist he diagnosed it as Hashimoto's Disease. It is an autoimmune disease that is frequently attacked with hyper and hypothyroidism. An over and under working thyroid.

I went to be checked out because I was eating like a horse but would not gain weight, in fact I was losing weight and drastically. I was placed on Levoxyl (a thyroid medicine) and it slowly helped get me back on track (I wasn't very consistent though in taking it).

When I was 17, I went in for a needle biopsy on my thyroid and found I had cancer. They did a full thyroidectomy three months later. Since I had my thyroid completely removed, I am now on hormone replacement medicine (levoxyl) the rest of my life.

I actually sometimes regret having my thyroid taking out. I now realized I could have done some natural treatments to help me.

I was frequently worried once I was married how it would mess up my fertility in having children, but no worries there. My second was even conceived while on birth control. 

I have been battling my thyroid disorder for almost 8 years now and it is hard. It is hard because in the past (until the beginning of this year) I did not take it as consistently as I should. I didn't care for taking it and I regretted my decision for having the surgery. I wanted to "pretend" that I never had it and my hormones would act like it was there. Nope. Not happening.

I also would not get it checked out as frequently as I do now. You are supposed to go every 4 months or so. I went every year. Once a year. 

Battling a thyroid disorder is not easy. It is hard and frustrating but it can be helped if you follow these few tips that have helped me:

Take your medicine consistently 

Drink plenty of water


Get some rest

Pray when your hormones get out of balance

Understand this is a life long battle and fight it

These few tips have really helped me this past year in finally coming to terms with my thyroid issue. I am finally taking care of myself better and am slowly getting it back on track. I am finally understanding when stressful events happen in my life, my thyroid goes crazy. It makes me upset, depressed, fatigued and more.

 I am finally learning to battle my thyroid disorder.  I am so thankful for this lesson and learning to trust that God knows everything that is happening and will help me battle this. 

Do you have a thyroid disorder?